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I have always had two very strong paths in my life, art and animals. Animals find their way into much of my art, and the creative part of me gives inspiration to me in my work with animals. I am a Tellington TTouch Practitioner, Reiki Master with special certification in Animal Reiki (certified to practice Reiki with people as well as their pets), Healing Touch for Animals Level I Practitioner, and am certified to administer Bach Flower remedies for both animals and people.  I have also studied hands-on healing for animals with Margrit Coates. Most recently, I have begun learning Debono Moves (gentle work based on the Feldenkrais method) with Mary Debono.

I have worked on many animals (with a special focus on cats but also work on dogs, and occasionally a guinea pig, hamster, rat, monitor lizard, iguana, etc) at various shelters in the NYC area, as well as privately. I am available for demos and short workshops as well as private sessions.

TTouch is a teaching method for animals with roots in the Feldenkrais method. It was created and developed by Linda Tellington-Jones. It is subtle, yet powerful, and incorporates body work and, especially in the case of dogs or horses, ground exercises, to help improve coordination, balance, and athletic ability while deepening further communication and understanding between animals and their caretakers. It is extremely soothing and can help animals with a range of behavioral, emotional, and physical issues, such as fearfulness, handling issues, stiffness, hyperactivity, and balance.

I found out about TTouch from my Feldenkrais teacher Marcy Lindheimer, after having adopted a five-month old feral cat, who we affectionately named Garbanzo. He was a rather wild boy, to say the least, so I wanted to do what I could to help calm him and socialize him.  I learned what I could from TTouch books and tapes, then took workshops and eventually the practitioner training. Garbanzo lived to be 18 years old, crossing the rainbow bridge in 2012. He was been an incredible teacher on my TTouch journey, and inspired me to want to help other animals as well.

Subsequent to Garbanzo's passing, I adopted two feral cats from BARC Shelter, who we named Lulu and Natalia, and the process of socializing them has been and continues to be an incredibly beautiful and fascinating experience.

Reiki originated in Japan and is a technique for relaxation and stress reduction and promotes healing. It is considered a complimentary and alternative therapy but is becoming more mainstream over time. It is used in many hospitals and wellness clinics across the country. Since it is considered an energetic modality, Reiki can be done either hands-off or with a light touch on the animal. It can also be offered effectively at a distance.

I have completed Level I of Healing Touch for Animals.  This is an energy healing modality with a more clinical approach that I sometimes incorporate into my work.

I also incorporate Bach flower remedies into my practice, which can provide an additional way to help your animal to be in optimum balance.

 Garbanzo 1994 (above left) and 2012 ( above right).  Garbanzo was an amazing being and teacher and led me to this work.

 Above:  Lulu and Natalia, October 2012, 4 months after coming to my home (they came home after Garbanzo passed). They had been brought into BARC shelter as feral cats at about 9 months old.   TTouch, Reiki and Bach Flower remedies were so important in their socialization and acclimation:)

Above:  TTouch with a feral kitten, while Jesse James
the Chihuahua picks up on the calm energy

Below:  TTouch with Jinx, who also enjoys regular Reiki sessions.

Sarah Hauser · TTouch, Animal Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies · (646) 522-9131 · hausershealinghands@gmail.com 

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