Healing Energy for Animals with Sarah Hauser: TTouch, Animal Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies in New York City and Beyond

 Case Studies

Below are case studies of two rescue animals I worked with. Visit my blog and
Facebook page for many more stories of animals I have worked with in the shelters and privately.

Carrot Top was a very special little kitten at Social Tees. She is blind, and arrived with a very bad cold.

Every day I would hold her and do TTouch on her body, head and especially her ears. Ear strokes can help stimulate the immune system, and generally feel they feel really good, as there are many acupressure points in the ear, so it is similar to having your feet rubbed.

Please keep in mind though, that TTouch and Reiki are no substitute for medical care, this little darling was also receiving medication in conjunction with TTouch.

I am happy to say that after medication and a lot of TLC, she became very healthy, as picured here, and was adopted along with her best friend, a little calico kitten. 

Below is Jesse James, he was given this name as he was kind of an outlaw Chihuahua - he was feisty and so had been brought back to the shelter several times. I began to work with him doing TTouch on him to get him more comfortable and also took him out for walks a few times to see if I could get him to be a bit more at ease walking on New York City streets, which can be a challenge for any dog (or human!). He was very receptive to TTouch and in a pretty short time he became not only more bonded with me, but more comfortable with other people touching him as well.  Before too long, he was adopted by a very kind young woman, and this time seemed to be the charm for him!

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