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 Services Available:
SOME GREAT NEWS! I now have an online class on Teachable, "Cats Are Our Teachers - The Power of Quiet Connection: TTouch and Other Modalities for Cats".  You can take the class at your own pace, on your own schedule.  USE THE COUPON SAVE20 FOR 20% OFF THE CLASS:) Click here for the class site and information:)  Taking this class will also enable you to a 15% discount on a one-on-one session with me (remotely or in person). 

Certified Practitioner of Tellington TTouch for Companion Animals
Developed by internationally-recognized animal expert Linda Tellington-Jones, Tellington TTouch® Training is a specialized approach to the care and training of our companion animals. With TTouch, even the most challenging problems and behavioral issues are often eliminated, improving the quality of your animal’s life.

Reiki for Your Pet and for You
Reiki Master with special certification in Animal Reiki
Reiki is a holistic healing technique which works with Universal Life Force energy. This modality helps re-balance the energy flow within and around the animal's body to bring it to a state of positive health. It is always beneficial, can never do any harm and is completely non-invasive. It works on both a physical and a mental/emotional level so it is extremely helpful for fearful animals, rescued animals and/or ones whose past is unknown.  It is also especially helpful for older animals with who are sick or in poor physical health.  It can help to stimulate the appetite and help promote their overall sense of well-being.
I also offer Reiki for people, and can do a combo session incorporating a session for you as well as for your pet, or a separate session for each of you, as you wish.
Bach Flower Essences for Your Pet and for You
Certified to Treat People, Animals and Plants with Bach Flower Essences
Bach Flower Essences, discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, are gentle, natural, safe remedies which are extremely helpful in creating optimum emotional balance in the body, and are a wonderful complement to the other modalities which I work with.  After a session/consultation with you and your animal(s), I will be able to create a customized blend of these essences for your animal(s) and for you as well, if you wish. 
Tellington TTouch: Private Lessons, Workshops and Demos
 I am available for private lessons, short workshops or demos in TTouch.  Please contact me for more information about fees and scheduling for these.

Craniosacral Therapy for Small Animals

Developed by John Upledger, Craniosacral Therapy is a light-touch therapy that helps address restrictions in the craniosacral system.  As it impacts the central nervous system, it addresses many types of imbalances, which can help the animal emotionally as well as physically, so it can help a wide spectrum of issues that Reiki and Touch do.  As with all the modalities that I use, it is gentle, yet powerful in its effect.

Healing Touch for Animals
Level I Practitioner
Healing Touch for Animals is an energy healing modality with a more clinical approach than Reiki. But like Reiki, it is a very gentle yet powerful modality which helps to balance the body's energy flow on all levels.  I use it when I feel a more specific approach is called for, or may do alternate sessions of Reiki and HTA.

Fees vary according to location and whether the session is in person or remote.  I can usually do in person sessions if you are in or near New York City.  Remote sessions include remote Reiki and TTouch, TTouch lessons, consultations for customized Bach Flower remedies, behavior consults, and/or consulting regarding specialized topics such as socializing extremely fearful or feral cats. I can connect with you via phone, email or video conferencing such as FaceTime or Zoom. Please contact me for more details on the specific services that will be best for your animal(s), including fees.  Generally an initial session is $80, and then, if remote, subsequent sessions thereafter are $60 - but for Bach Flower consult only, it will be a lesser fee.

Private Sessions
We will discuss the issues you would like to address with your animal(s.) We will then come up with a plan utilizing all the above techniques that will be appropriate for your particular pet. In addition, I will work with your animal(s) and teach you how to use some tools and touches to help them.

This work can also help in the adjustment process which occurs when bringing a new animal into a home which already has another animal or animals. Additionally, for dogs there are also techniques and tools which are helpful for those who are hard to walk because they pull on the leash, etc.

In general, my work promotes overall balance and well-being both physically and emotionally. It can be of help for animals who are older or have forms of physical discomfort such as arthritis, or animals recovering from surgery. Separation anxiety and other related issues can also be addressed.

 Sarah Hauser · TTouch, Animal Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies · (646) 522-9131 · hausershealinghands@gmail.com

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