Sarah Hauser: TTouch, Animal Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies in New York City

Above: Lulu and Natalia, my two dear formerly-feral kitties
Rescue Remedy for Cats or Dogs:

Rescue remedy contains 5 different Bach Flower essences, and is beneficial for animals as well as for people.  This combination has a very calming effect, and can be used for a variety of stressful situations, as well as for general anxiety.  I recommend the Rescue remedy made for animals, if possible, as it uses glycerin rather than alcohol.

It is often helpful to give the Rescue Remedy in both drops and spray form. 

Rescue Remedy Drops

The drops can be given by:  

 (1) Putting 4-10 drops in water, depending on size of container.  Ideally, use spring water such as Poland Spring. If possible, dilute the Rescue Remedy before using in any of the following ways, so it is less apt to have a taste to it that your animal may object to.  If you want to store the mixture, you can take a new, clean container such as a dropper bottle, jar, etc, then put 10 drops and then fill the rest with water.  Or you can just put a few drops in a clean bowl or glass of water or pour a bit of the mixture from the jar, etc into the bowl or glass.  Then you can put some of the mixture your hands to rub on the animal as described below, or dip some treats in the water. If you keep it in a jar or dropper bottle, the mixture should stay good for several weeks.  If it becomes cloudy or has particles in it, toss it out, clean the container and make a fresh mixture.

(2) Putting two drops on a treat or dab of wet food (do not use treats with catnip);

(3)  Putting two drops directly in the animal’s mouth with the dropper;

(4)  Putting a few drops on your hand and rubbing on the inside tips of the animal’s ears, paw pads or crown chakra;

(5)  Putting a few drops on your hand and petting your animal gently down the back, all the way down the tail as well if they are comfortable with that;

(6)  Putting a few drops on your hand and offer to your animal to lick off;

Whatever is the least stressful method is best.  I tend to use the treats method most often, as it is clear the animal is really getting the drops, and most cats and dogs do enjoy treats!  Also, occasionally an animal may be picky about the taste of the water if drops are put in it.  You can administer the remedy four times a day, or more often if there is a lot of anxiety and agitation.  If the dropper comes in contact with anything such as food or the animal’s mouth, rinse it in hot water for a couple of minutes before putting back in the bottle.

Keep Rescue Remedy in a cool dark place, away from strong odors and electrical appliances.  Do not give your kitty catnip while taking the remedy.  Catnip toys may be ok as long as they are not too fragrant. 

Rescue Remedy Spray

A Rescue Remedy spray can be used in the environment to promote a relaxed feeling.  You can spray four times a day or more often:

(1)  On the animal’s bedding and other places he/she likes to hang out;

(2)  In areas where a animal may have anxiety, such as in a pet carrier on the way to vet, or if there are areas of the house where a animal is not comfortable or where maybe something scary has happened, etc.

(3) You can spray a bit of the remedy on your hand and pet your cat or dog, or rub inside tips of ears, paw pads or crown chakra as with the drops.

One drop of the remedy holds the energy of the essence, so frequency is more important than the amount that you are giving.  When the animal shows a shift in behavior, you can lessen frequency of the dosage.

I make the spray by putting 10 drops of Rescue Remedy in a new, clean spritzer bottle and filling it the rest of the way with spring water (such as Poland Spring, etc.).  Put the spray top back on the bottle, turn it over once, sending positive energy to your animal and to the remedy.  My favorite bottles are the 2 or 4-oz glass amber or blue spray bottles from, but you can use even a simple plastic spray bottle if that is what is available to you.  You can also often find the glass bottles at Whole Foods. I prefer a clear or translucent bottle, as the remedy will get cloudy or get particles in it when it is time to stop the remedy.  If you can only find an opaque bottle, you could use the remedy for up to a month and then clean out the bottle.  I suggest that if you are using a glass bottle, boil the bottle and spray top for five minutes before and after using.  If you are using a plastic spray bottle, don’t boil it, but be sure to cleanse it thoroughly before and after making the remedy.

I am not a veterinarian, this information is to give your pet a natural alternative for stress reduction.  Please consult your vet for any continuing or more severe issues.

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