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Above: Harry and Curley...Ragdoll/ American Curl mix.  Harry on the right and Curley on the left.  Story below:)

This first testimonial is regarding my online class, info here:

Paula:  Hi Sarah. I very recently signed up for your online class "Cats Are Our Teachers" and wanted to share this little story about my interaction with my 5 year old cat Harry.  

I have had Harry since he was 9 months old.  I adopted him and his beautiful brother Curley who I recently lost.  They came as a package deal.  I am convinced it was not because they were bonded, but because Harry was so shy and skittish, it would have been hard finding him a home. So if you wanted Curley (who was beyond sweet) you were taking Harry too.  

Anyway, Harry has done well with me with one concern.  I live in the country and Harry just loves being outside doing what cats like to do. However, when he comes inside at the end of the day he meows constantly to go back out. I mean MEOWS CONSTANTLY!!! For hours if I don't let him back outside.  He just can't seem to settle himself.  It has been painful for both Harry and I...until 2 days ago. 

I got out a long handled blick type paint brush and I gently stroked his head and back which he absolutely loved. I spent much time with him as he obviously was enjoying it so much...so much purring!!! He then began initiating the interaction like rubbing up next to the brush sort of stroking himself.  He just couldn't get enough! And NO MEOWING!!!! Then jumped up next to me and went sound asleep! Not another peep out of him!  I repeated the process with him again yesterday when he came in again at the end of day and just like the previous day  he settled down, enjoyed the stroking and eventually climbed up to where I was sitting and off to sleep he went....WOW! Never would I dream that could happen! Ok, so i didn't follow any particular method exactly, but I did do what made sense in following the idea behind what I learned from you.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with everyone.  Maybe someday I can work with challenged cats as I feel so rewarded to have helped Harry.  I believe Curley led me to you so I could be helped and then I could help Harry.  Curley was the most relaxed chill cat I have ever had....actually the most chill living being I've ever known.  He taught me how living was supposed to look and feel like.  Now you have too.  Thank you SO MUCH!!!"

 Estee Pouleris  "I volunteered with Sarah for the last 18 months at an animal shelter. Watching the scared dogs and cats come around after her sessions of TTouch was truly remarkable. Her techniques work, and she helped turn some very challenging pet behaviors into sweet, highly adoptable companions."

Above:  Reiki with Jordyn's cat Jinx 
Jordyn Thiessen "Sarah is truly a gifted individual. I call her Hauser's Healing Hands... her spirit, dedication, love and energy has helped all my animals... from behavioral issues, to separation anxiety to plain old age .... I have worked with her at a shelter and seen miracles performed on a daily basis. Her love and energy work and TTouch therapy has brought the most difficult and frightened animal to a place where their true personality shined and allowed them to be adopted far more quickly ... and she has helped heal them... that is what is so amazing... God knows what they experienced before .. but she helps release that and gives them the Gift of a New Life to move forward.... She is the best and I am so thankful to know her. She has also shared techniques with me that I can do on my babies when she is not there.... Also after she has worked at my house.. even I feel better!!! The energy in the house hums with love...

Eileen Garfinkel "I met Sarah at an Animal Communication workshop about 2 years ago. Since that time, I've watched Sarah work with shelter animals, calming them and socializing them so that they can more easily be adopted. It's amazing to see shy and frightened animals blossom into the animals they truly are, loving and lovable. Most recently, Sarah... worked with my two cats, MacDuff and Misty. Misty is new to our household and MacDuff is one angry cat! Yet, with every TTouch and Reiki session that Sarah has with MacDuff, MacDuff relaxes and becomes a little more accepting of his new housemate. The day after last week's session, MacDuff actually laid down just 4 feet away from where Misty was laying. Generally he refuses to be in the same room with her. He responds to Sarah in way that he does not respond to anyone else. He has plunked down right next to Sarah, asking to be touched, something he does only with me. I can't say enough about Sarah's compassionate and gentle nature. I am fortunate, as are my animals, to know her.

 "Kate C.  My husband and I adopted our rescue dog Jonesy in the fall of 2011. We got him at the ASPCA while on vacation in upstate New York and while he was all sauce and jumped into our arms at the facility, the minute we took him home and away from his litter mates, he became absolutely terrified. It took him a week to stop hiding from us once we got him to our rental. Then we brought him home to the city and it just got worse. He was afraid of everyone and everything and totally overwhelmed by fear. After a year of seeing me on walks with petrified little Jojo, a neighborhood acquaintance asked if I had ever tried Reiki and gave me Sarah's card. Generally when Jonesy meets someone new, he runs away and trembles relentlessly if there is too much direct contact. With Sarah, he was apprehensive for just a few minutes but very quickly sensed it was okay to trust her. After a brief but patient waiting period, he took treats from her hand and let her pet him - it felt like a miracle. Sarah showed me different touches I could do to help calm him and gave me exercises to help him focus. She recommended a special harness and he has been very responsive to it all. Sarah even treated me which of course was also helpful. Sarah has a very calm, balanced and gentle touch - I absolutely recommend her. Not only is she is gifted with animals, she is also a truly lovely person."

Above:  TTouch and Reiki with Annette at Bideawee 
Kerrie McKeon, Feline Matchmaker, Bideawee
Whenever a cat is in need of comfort and courage, Sarah immediately comes to mind. I cannot even estimate the number of cats Sarah has helped to adjust to shelter life, not to mention the number she has helped become more adoptable. Several of these cats were previously labeled as feral, and were expected to be with us for life. Sarah has shared her gifts and optimism with both staff and volunteers, and has changed how we see our cats and their potential."

Above: TTouch with Mr. Prince at Maltese Meetup
"November of 2010, I met Sarah Hauser at a Maltese Meetup.  The leader of the Meetup asked for a volunteer to be used for your demonstration of TTouch.  (Everyone knew that my Mr. Prince was the most nervous dog in the group.  We had been attending once-per-month for probably 16-18 months trying to socialize him.  In addition, Mr. Prince had anxiety when I left home, terrifying fear during rain, never mind thunder/lightening storms, etc.)  Obviously, I volunteered Mr. Prince as the demo-dog.  He was shaking like a leaf when I put him on the table.  Within a couple of minutes, Sarah calmed him so much I thought he would melt or go to sleep!  It was amazing!  Obviously, we had to work with her!

When Sarah came to my apartment, she was marvelous!  She did TTouch on Mr. Prince but, more importantly, she taught me to work the TTouch "miracle" on Mr. Prince.  In addition to TTouch, Sarah recommended that I consider a Thundershirt as well as a custom Bach remedy.   Both Mr. Prince and I loved his TTouch sessions.  We did them faithfully because there were obvious results!

After 6 months or so, Mr. Prince rarely needed the Thundershirt, perhaps only a couple times per year!  Amazing!  But it was not the shirt that accomplished this!  We bonded so strongly during TTouch that I think Mr. Prince could finally relax. 

Even though it has been a few years since I met Sarah, I still do TTouch on Mr. Prince.  He may not need it as much as he once did, but we both enjoy it.  It is always a special time for both of us!"

Above is Sophia, who came into Social Tees shelter as a terrified feral kitten, hissing and spitting.  Through several months of careful, gentle TTouch work, she became friendly and playful and was adopted along with her best buddy Poe. 

 Yasmeen Elsayed "I met Sarah at Social Tees at 124 East 4th St. There I adopted two of my purr-monsters, Sophia (Jimmygirl at the time) and Poe (Luke). Apparently she was the one working with them at the shelter and Sophie and Poe used to be semi-feral. You would never have guessed it to see them now. They both started off quite shy but as time went by and we got to know each other better, both Sophie and Poe started coming out of their shells. They are now happy and playful kitties. Sophie even walks up to me and pats me with her paw for affection. Couldn't have asked for better kitties! Thanks so much Sarah!"

 Above:  BARC Shelter named this little kitten after me.  She came into the shelter as a semi-feral kitten, and through TTouch learned how to be comfortable and confident around people.  After slow, careful work, she began to jump in my lap every time I saw her! She was adopted and is now in a wonderful, loving home.

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