Sarah Hauser: Magazine Articles

Click the pdf file below to see the article I wrote on Shelter Cats, published in Reiki News Magazine in 2019:). 

2019myreikinewsarticleShelterCats.pdf 2019myreikinewsarticleShelterCats.pdf
Size : 1094.11 Kb
Type : pdf

The pdf below is an article written by Tara Cox, and was written for a "We Tried It" feature in Rachael Ray Magazine in 2019.  She writes about my session with her cat, and about the work that I do. 

The pdf below is an article in which I was interviewd about Animal Reiki by Christina Rizzo for Rachael Ray Magazine (November 2019).

rachaelraymagazinearticlesh.pdf rachaelraymagazinearticlesh.pdf
Size : 285.886 Kb
Type : pdf

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